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Post-doctoral Researcher/Programmer in the Milky Way and Local Volume Section

The Leibniz-Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP), Milky Way and Local Volume section, invites applications for a software development position within the team. We are looking for a software developer, preferably with a strong astrophysics background, to con-tribute to the operations software environment of the 4MOST instrument. 4MOST is a wide-field, high-multiplex spectroscopic survey facility developed under leadership of the AIP and expected to become operational in 2025 on ESO’s VISTA telescope. The tasks require advanced programming skills (python), knowledge of handling large data bases and complex data structures, understand-ing of complex optimisation problems, as well as domain knowledge in astrophysics (spectroscop-ic data analysis, coordinate systems, telescope scheduling and operations). The working language is English. A university degree is required.

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