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Post-doctoral researcher in observational extragalactic astrophysics (m/f/d)

The Leibniz-Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam invites applications for a
post-doctoral researcher (m/f/d)
in the area of observational extragalactic astrophysics.

The successful candidate will be integrated in the Galaxies and Quasars group at AIP, working
with Prof. Lutz Wisotzki and Dr. Davor Krajnovic on aspects such as structure, kinematics,
stellar populations, gas content, or nuclear activity of galaxies at low to intermediate redshifts.

Requirements and selection criteria
Applicants should hold a PhD degree in astrophysics or a related discipline at the time of
starting the position. A background in observational extragalactic astrophysics and advanced
English skills (written and spoken) are necessary. Of advantage would be specific know-how
of analysis methods, such as experience in integral field spectroscopy or expertise in
dynamical modelling and/or stellar populations.

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