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4MOST Public Archive (4PA) Position in EScience (f/m/d)

4MOST Public Archive (4PA) Position in EScience (f/m/d)

For creating the 4MOST public archive we are looking for a developer, who works closely with the 4MOST collaboration. 4MOST is a fibre-fed spectroscopic survey facility on the VISTA telescope surveying the southern sky in a few years. It will simultaneously obtain spectra of ~2400 objects with a high spectral resolution. The public archive shall maximise the scientific benefits of the data for the whole astrophysics community. The tasks require programming skills (python, web technology), knowledge of RDBMs and SQL, as well as domain knowledge in astrophysics or natural sciences. A university degree is required.
The appointment will be initially for 24 months, and can start immediately after the selection process is finished.
In the Supercomputing and E-Science section we work at the interface between excellent astrophysical research and modern IT systems and software. The section currently has four major work areas: data management and collaborative research environments (CRE), provision of efficient supercomputing and cloud facilities at AIP, development and implementation of Virtual Observatory standards, and development of software for data curation and publication of astronomical data.

* Participation in building the public data archive of the 4MOST survey
* Developing framework (DAIQUIRI) and data publishing environment


* Programming skills (python, C , C++ or other modern languages )
* Knowledge about webservices
* Academic degree in natural sciences (preferred: astro), math or computer sciences
* Ideally some experience in research data management
* Team oriented working style
* Good english language skills

For more information, see: 4MOST Public Archive (4PA) Position
Application closed